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Independent artist, songwriter and performer Kazi Jay Hails from the magical island of Kauai, a remote island of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

As sole writer of her debut album, "looking Back At Me" Kazi Jay's musical storytelling

ability leaves us completely enamored. The illuminating sound in her voice met

with the lyrical narrative imagery, gives waves of nostalgia blended in with a fresh

pop-cinematic atmosphere.



Kazi Jay gained worldwide recognition with her melodic sound. She was featured

on iconic producer Armin Van Buuren's track of the year "For All Time'’ and performed

their song live on stage at The Banc Of California in Los Angeles in 2022.


"looking Back At Me" is Kazi Jay's quest of self-discovery within her musicality to tell

the unabridged story of what made her the person and artist she had become. She

invites the listener into a soundtrack of healing their wounds through the lens of her

own. She takes us on a journey that makes us feel safe in what "We Dont Know", as one of

her titles implies. With songs like "Healing At Home" it's clear she is not an artist who turns

away from the uncomfortable reality of feeling misunderstood, but instead questions

if the confusion of how to survive our journey holds greater pain than death itself.

Equally honest, her singles "Rituals

"and "Island Mama" explore the importance of self-love

and leaning into the letting go that is essential to the parts of us craving growth.



The singer-songwriter finds her greatest success in performing and connecting to

fans who live with a desire to dive-deep into the uncharted universe of self-discovery.


Kazi Jay is an Artist who is inherently connected tot he bigger picture of what music can bring us and how by following one's dream we also encourage

others to follow their own. 

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